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Welcome to my website. This is my effort to make you aware about some common neurologic diseases. On gaining knowledge about these disorders you may become well informed about these diseases. Where ever you are, I am sure this awareness will guide you in reaching the correct doctor. Though, I sincerely pray that none of you or your loved ones should suffer from any neurologic disorder.

More often than not, in our country we see people being cheated by quacks and nonqualified persons. Illiteracy leading to improper healthcare can cause havoc even for minor illness. This website will help you understand some of the myths associated with disorders of the nervous system.

I take this opportunity to introduce my work in this interesting and complex field about which much remains unknown to science. Remember “The greater our knowledge increases the more our ignorance unfolds”.

They say where science ends, religion begins. Religion is surely complimentary to science. This is so true for neurology. Many a time we do not have explanation for rare neurological disorders. People suffering from disabling conditions for which no cure is available question themselves as to why only they are suffering. Religious belief gives them strength.

Nobody has an answer why a person who has lived a health way suddenly is afflicted by a rare neurologic disorder. The other man who has an unhealthful lifestyle does not seem to be suffering. Remember, not all smokers get lung cancer and one can get cancer for no apparent reason. That definitely does not mean we should indulge in a self injurious behavior.

My advice to anyone diagnosed with a neurologic disease is - Stay positive and gather the courage to face it, of course with proper medical help. It could be a simple thing, like tension type headache or a disabling degenerative disease like motor neuron disease or Alzheimer dementia. Please feel free to contact me for any opinion on anything related to the diseases of the nervous system.